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quote Senargy has changed the way I look at my body and what I put in it.

I have been on a path toward better health for over 10 yrs. How ever, as a flight attendant, I have been faced with very specific challenges Irregular sleep patterns, and many days away from home often make it difficult for me to exercise and eat well.

Regular travel also exposes me to a variety of unhealthy environmental factors such poor air quality as well as uncomfortable effects of pressurization that frequently take a toll on my overall health.

Senargy has helped me to understand my body better, their experts educated me on natural methods to promote better rest and most of all they have taught me how specific foods and monitored natural detoxification can help protect my body from sickness which made me fell re-energized. quote
Kasia Przykorski
Flight attendant, Air Canada

quote I finally understand what is best for my body and now I have incredible energy at work and at home.quote
Patricia Garzon,
Flight attendant, Air Canada

quote Loved the Unconventional Hours seminar! It gave me the knowledge and tools to work late nights and still wake up feeling rested.quote
Pilar Galvis,
CEO, Babaluu’s Nightclub

quote Understanding the link between my performance and my body has allowed me to excel and be sharper for important meetings and negotitation strategies.quote
Homayoun Ranjijifroody
Ceo, Enterprise Financial

quote I didn’t realize that what I loved to do was affecting my health. Having the knowledge through the seminar was powerful because now I know what to do. No more sensitivity or allergies and and I feel fantastic!! quote
Gemma Duarte, paint design
Du Art Co.

quote I have chosen a career that is physically demanding and that involves contact with some what toxic materials and being healthy has its challenges. I found their expertise in nutrition, cleansing and functions of the body immeasurable. The programs and personalized coaching has me functioning in a pain free, healthy and powerful way.quote
Beth Halstead, Decorative artist
Halstead and Co. LTP