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Workshop #7

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Physically demanding or strenuous activity is often a part of many workplace settings. Along with proper posture, constant repetitive movements or heavy strain is highly dependent on healthy muscles ligaments and tendons. As such, lowered food nutrient status and an increase in physical work demands have left us with a gap to fill. Studies show that poor muscle nourishment triggers spasm, cramping and muscle pain leading to improper movement and painful misalignment. As such, everyday simple movements can turn into debilitating pain or injury.

In this workshop you will learn how to avoid injury, muscle spasm and pain by building upon your body’s natural reserves. Understand how your repair and regeneration is highly dependent on specific nutrients. Know how to build your body’s resistance and vitality by prolonging overall muscle and joint health. It’s a fact, when properly nourished, you maximize overall strength, resistance and performance.

Specific Topics Include: